Lucky Gorilla

“My computer has fallen and it can’t get up!” Haven’t we all been there? Your computer unexpectedly shuts down, or displays “the blue screen of death”. First you feel a surge of panic, then you reboot and reboot, unplug and plug back in and press F2 frantically as you attempt to reboot once again. You really don’t want to crawl under your desk, unplug all those wires and take your “baby” to the computer doctor for an interminable amount of time. What to do, what to do. Here’s a thought, find someone who will come to you! Enter Lucky Gorilla. Their onsite computer repair experts will come to your business or home office, they can help! They understand all types of hardware including hard drives, CD-ROMS, DVD Burners, Printers, Modems and Power Supplies. Call them up and they will be there in a jiffy.

Wondering if YOU are Gorilla material? Are you a motivated entrepreneur who is looking for a COOL business in a RED HOT industry? Computers aren’t going anywhere, and it definitely is NOT a seasonal business. Computer tech and repair is a blazing industry. Lucky Gorilla Franchises are like no other. It offers two super-charged and very lucrative businesses in one. It is a “Computer Repair Franchise” plus a “Small Business Internet Marketing” money machine. Combined it is called a “Technology Franchise”. So, you aren’t a computer genius? You don’t have to be. Lucky Gorilla computer repair franchise owners don’t need prior computer or technology experience to be successful. They will even hire computer repair techs for you. Your job is to learn how to market the services to local business owners. In fact, the Lucky Gorilla founder started the business with ZERO experience, so relax! You can do it too! You can even start with a part-time program that allows you to keep your existing job until your Lucky Gorilla business takes flight. Check out this low risk, low cost franchise today and build a very lucrative and profitable business right away.

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