Making Troubleshooting Your Business

In business as well as our everyday lives, unless we have the relevant knowledge, we have to call someone when our computers need fixed. That is one of those necessary expenses that come up every so often.

Unless, of course, you make your business fixing those computers. Computer Troubleshooters is a franchise opportunity that is offered in 26 different countries, not just the USA. Some of those countries include Ghana, UK, Mexico, and Nigeria.

A debt-free business, CT was born in 1997 starting off with franchises in Australia. Since then they have continued to grow into over 450 locations.

Some of the benefits offered to a franchisee are:

  • Special training which covers different areas of the franchise. Most of it focused on business operations and marketing techniques.
  • A team membership which gives the franchisee the benefit of a network of others who own CT franchises as well.
  • 24/7 tech support is offered through their support hotline.
  • A large resource library which gives a new franchisee a huge selection of marketing templates and ideas, training materials and more.

CT offers a large information package that can be downloaded from a link they send to those that request more information. In that pack they share much more detailed information about what they have to offer as a business and business opportunity.

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