3 entrepreneurs in McLean, Virginia, have purchased Bookkeeping Express http://www.bookkeepingexpress.us/ , a national provider of bookkeeping services, and plan a major expansion, which includes launching a national franchising system in June.

“Bookkeeping Express plans to revolutionize bookkeeping in America!” says CEO Greg Jones. “In a business world where payroll is dominated by national companies like Paychex and tax preparation is synonymous with H & R Block, we see our company becoming the recognized provider for business bookkeeping services. Our franchise will provide businesses throughout the U.S. a reliable, affordable source for excellent bookkeeping services. We will focus on in-house financials, operating as an authorized QuickBooks affiliate,” says Jones. “We will charge by the transaction so that our customers can have a complete understanding of what work has been completed and at what price. “We truly strive to be ‘The Growth Business Partner’ of our clients by using genrally accepted bookkeeping standards, comprehensive reports and special products like easy-to-understand ‘dashboards.’”

Bookkeeping Express offers the following services for businesses…

Originally posted by Mark on May 5, 2008 in Franchise Site.


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