Alabama Mom Chooses Embroidery To Re-Enter Business World


When Robin Dennis was ready to get back into the business world after working as a stay-at-home mother to five children for 22 years, she did what all of the job search experts advise. She thought about what she does well and went from there. While raising her children, she spent many years sewing Halloween costumes and working on other needlework. The most logical step for her was to start a business using her seamstress skills, which led her to embroidery.

After working on a tabletop machine for four years, Dennis took the plunge, and with her business partner, Missy Houghton, she purchased a two-head Tajima in February to open Miss Robin’s Embroidery and More LLC in Madison, Ala. The pair currently works out of Dennis’ home.

According to Dennis, Houghton is a teacher and finishing up the school year. After school is over, she will work solely on the embroidery endeavor, primarily selling and helping Dennis with the stitching as needed. Right now she works with Dennis when she’s available.

Dennis currently embroiders about five hours per day and does simple digitizing at night. “I have to send out the more complicated digitizing right now,” she says. “We’ll attend a training a training class after Missy is finished with school. One of our goals is to do all of the digitizing in-house.”

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