Publishing As A Business One Magazine At A Time

If someone looks hard enough they’re bound to find a business opportunity that suits what they are interested in. For the editor in someone there is a publishing business opportunity which is licensed through ProfitAbility Magazine. For those that don’t know who they are, the products they are most commonly known for is their “Complete Idiot’s Guide” books.

The magazine is a “How-To” magazine. It’s filled with tips, strategies and ideas that focus on the restaurant industry. The content is written by successful people, such as business owners or executives. The readers will be love the magazine because of what it has to offer.

With the licensing opportunity they offer, people have a chance to publish, distribute, market, sell and profit from their brand. The licenses are offered through out the US and Canada as well as potentially worldwide. The minimum investment is $15,000 and this is something can be run out of the home part-time or full time.

The magazine being published is fully customizable. Whether the licensee would like to include their own article or give advertisers and business associates the chance to include their own articles as well. It also comes with the ability to be translated into the language of choice, whatever is needed to reach the target reader or advertiser.

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