Snug For A Good Night's Sleep

If mother knows best and two heads are better than one, what do you get when you put that together? Catherine Hall and Georgia Fiebrich with their business, Go Mama Go Designs.

Babies like to feel secure and safe. If they don’t feel that way, they don’t sleep as well as they could have. Catherine and Georgia are two moms that knew that, and they knew their had to be something that could be done.

Their Snug & Tug was designed to give babies a longer night’s sleep which in turn gives the parents a longer night’s sleep as well. With the close feel and a proven design to help keep babies from wiggling out, their invention does what it does best. Give the gift of sleep.

Their ultimate goal is to continue growing their website to include other products made by moms for moms. It’s a goal I think they’ll have no problem meeting.

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