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Businesses are super-sizing, you see it everywhere you go nowadays. One stop shopping, why? Could it be because gas prices are skyrocketing like never before and retailers are realizing that customers don’t want to drive all over town to find all the different products and services they need? Is it simply about convenience or is it also about volume? To be honest, its all of the above. Beauty Brands is jumping on the Superstore bandwagon, providing Salon, Spa and Beauty Product shopping all in one place, as their website boasts, they are “boldly going where beauty has never gone before”. It is not uncommon for customers to walk through their doors and say, “Whoa!” The incredible expanse makes for exciting shopping. They also make sure the comfy atmosphere invites you to explore every product, 40,000 of them to be exact! Not only that, but their full service Salon & Spa is open seven days a week and it a welcome retreat from all the have-to-dos you do.

Developing a Beauty Brands Salon*Spa*Superstore is not for the faint of heart, as they are positioned to become an industry leader, with untapped potential taking advantage of a $65 billion industry. Their concept delivers the “total beauty experience” and appeals to a broad base of consumers. Join the outstanding team of professionals who have led Beauty Brands to its success, they are people who know their stuff. They are from major national corporations with extensive experience in building national brands. Hop on the Superstore train to success, and think BIG!

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