El Pollo Loco

Known for their chicken, El Pollo Loco is also a franchise opportunity for someone very serious about starting up in the restaurant business.

Did you know that their name means “The Crazy Chicken” in Spanish? It’s a description that fits well with the food they specialize in; grilled chicken. The business was started in 1975 in the small town of Guasave. Using a special family recipe for their marinated chicken, their fresh grilled chicken started to really bring in customers from all over. Now as a franchise they’re able to come to areas where the customers will appreciate what they have to offer.

If this sounds like a franchise you’d like to take a second look at, they have a few qualifications. They are looking for franchisees with 5 or more years of restaurant operations or ownership experience as well as knowledge of the market and restaurant industry and meet their financial requirements. That includes a minimum net worth of $1.5 million ($750,000 in liquid assets), a 3 restaurant development commitment, the ability to develop within 36-48 months and experience in negotiating real estate leases and purchases.

Their training program is very complex, covering different areas of the business. The first of which is pre-opening training where they will help new franchisees get ready for the opening process and plans. Then they give ongoing training throughout the life of the franchise to make sure you continue your success. The last section is the crew support. As crew members are a big part of a businesses success, they want to make sure your crew will do the best possible job.

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