Maytag Commercial Laundry

It’s almost guaranteed that the first name that’ll come to mind when it comes to washers and dryers would have to be Maytag. The commercials are everywhere and they’re known for being durable and innovative.

Not everyone has the washer and dryer they need in their home, so they depend on laundry businesses that offer these services. Each quarter adds up into a big profit. It hasn’t gotten past Maytag. They offer their own Maytag Commercial Laundry business opportunity for those interested in launching into a clothing care business.

The minimum investment for this opportunity is $100,000. With that, though, there are no franchising fees. Once you pay for and start your business it belongs to you. Along with all of your profits. Maytag also gives their entrepreneurs start-up planning assistance as well as ongoing support once the business has been started.

This is a good business option for anyone looking for a business that might be recession resistant. After all, everyone needs clean clothing. Their’s no complaining about the time and labor involved in the laundry business either, the customers do most the work.

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