Discount Party Store Developers

Everyone needs good party decorations at one time or another. Discount Party Store Developers gives people the chance to start their own discount party store selling all the party supplies anyone could ever need.

This is not a franchise. The discount store that you build with their help is completely yours. You are truly your own boss, DPSD just helps you get there.

Any of the supplies you need for stocking your store can be found through a huge network of suppliers they offer to you. Any discount store owner could stock their store at the lowest cost possible. They do that hard work for you.

The minimum investment is $66,900. With the package purchased the new business owner would receive many different benefits including help finding the new location, help negotiating the lease, help with financing, a complete support system as well as store design and layout. The new business owner doesn’t have to worry about doing this alone. They also offer full training and support.

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