eBiz Marketing Systems

Just because someone wants to start a business does not mean they know all aspects of what is required for it to run smoothly. eBiz Marketing Systems, Inc. is a business opportunity for those that want to help other businesses avoid those major website mistakes that many have made.

Businesses make two major mistakes, they either don’t have a website or the one they have is not at it’s highest potential. An eBiz consultant can help those businesses get the most out of their websites to increase their sales.

The minimum investment for this opportunity is $10,000 but because this is not a franchise there are none of those franchise fees to have to worry about. For the person looking for a way to work from home, this is one business that can be run from a home office with no problem.

Some of the other things that can be expected with this opportunity are:

  • Live Telephone Coaching
  • Teleconference Support
  • Ongoing Support once you’re in business
  • Training

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