Does the dream of owning your own business contain the glamour of a day spa, a restaurant serving their favorite food, a coffee shop, ice cream or something else that they enjoy and understand?

For many, a retail franchise is the answer to their dream. However, there are other entrepreneurs whose interpretation of a glamorous business is one that affords them the opportunity to make it to their kid’s ball game and to be home nights and weekends. Their dream does not include food, minimum wage employees and retail customers; their dream is to have a business they can work on and not in, to have a business where they can work business hours and build a team around them that will provide a valuable service, where they can build a successful business that affords them the lifestyle that their dream contains.

The concept or franchise itself is not the dream as much as it is a vehicle to help them realize their dream, which is why PIRTEK, the world’s leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement, has become a viable opportunity to consider.

“Our owners come from many walks of life, including sales, management and business ownership; however, they all share something in common in that they want to find a franchise in which they can use the skills they have already learned in their careers,” said Gwyn O’Kane, PIRTEK’s vice president of franchise development. “They wish to use those skills and reap the rewards of their efforts for themselves and build equity in their own business.”

PIRTEK is an industrial-based business-to-business franchise opportunity whose customers include companies involved in manufacturing, construction, transportation, material handling, marine and much more ranging from very large companies and small “mom and pop” businesses. Read more about it here.

Originally posted by Mark on May 23, 2008 in Franchise Site.


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