Is The U.S. The Best Place To Be A Young Entrepreneur?

Young Entrepreneur:

Young entrepreneurs are always saying that they don’t have the resources around them to start a business. A new study out of England suggests, however, that young Americans might be better off than their British counterparts.

According to The Prince’s Trust, a UK based youth charity which focuses on entrepreneurship, more than a third of England’s young people want to start a business but a lack of support at school means few achieve their dreams.

A report marking 25 years of The Prince’s Trust Business Programme reveals that 38% of young people in the region would like to start their own business, but less than 6% have actually done it.

More than a third (36%) cited high start-up costs as the biggest barrier to starting a business, while almost three-quarters (71%) believe that schools and colleges encourage safe, conventional careers rather than supporting aspiring entrepreneurs.

More than three-quarters (76%) of England’s young people also claim careers advisors do not mention starting a business as a career option.

The survey of more than 1,000 young people nationwide also revealed their concerns about the current economic climate. However, almost one in five of England’s young people (18%) stated that they would start their own business if they lost their job during a recession.

Almost half (45%) of young people interviewed believe that the United States does the most to encourage and support young entrepreneurs, compared with only 8% claiming the UK as the leader for enterprise.

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