Stay-At-Home Mom Asks Manufacturers For Proof It's Organic

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Bunch , a stay-at-home-mother of two, just launched her web site, The EverGreen Home. The company started out of a simple need to purchase a mattress for a family member who was allergic to dust mites. Commercial mattresses, Bunch quickly learned, were rife with heavy chemicals. So she pursued organic bedding. After realizing that some manufacturers were unable to prove that their raw materials are actually organic, Bunch saw that there was a market for delivering certified organic products with the papers to show it.

Her website offers a complete home house organic solution for picky parents and individuals who want to rest assured that they are purchasing truly green.

About The Evergreenâ„¢ Home
Our family has been eating organically and supporting sustainable agriculture for years. However, when our niece needed a new mattress in 2006, we discovered that harmful chemicals are often used in the manufacturing of mattresses. We wanted dust mite resistant and chemical free bedding for our niece, and the organic bedding industry was our only option. Now, organic bedding is what we provide for our entire family – and yours.

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