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USA Today:

The One Minute Entrepreneur, written by a team headed by motivational speaker Ken Blanchard, author of the classic The One Minute Manager, dispenses inspirational wisdom on the keys to creating, nurturing and sustaining a business.

Most people who launch a small business fail within 10 years, according to the trio. An aim of this book is to offer a simple map to success. The counsel is pithy, but, hey, we’re talking one-minute advice, sure to make a perfect graduation gift for a time-pressed new graduate with an entrepreneurial bent.

Why such short-hand? We found “the gems in life did not come from long diatribes, but rather short, meaningful insights,” they write.

The trio present tips long bandied about by renowned business leaders and self-help gurus. The authors dutifully acknowledge they have “continued to learn wonderful insights about life and work from great speakers and authors” such as Peter Drucker and Stephen Covey to Rabbi Harold Kushner, Zig Ziglar and Suze Orman. This offering is also a valentine to their entrepreneurial mentors, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and Sheldon Bowles.

Here are some of their insights. (No wincing, please.):

    – Don’t ever underestimate the importance of whom you choose to be with.

    – You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

    – There are vast opportunities in selling when you’re selling something you believe in.

    – Visualize your desired outcome ahead of time.

    – Identify what you are passionate about doing. Look to do more of it. If nobody will pay you to do what you love, you have a hobby, not a career.

    – If you don’t do what you love, you’ll never work hard enough to be the best.

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