Virtual Assistance Gives Single Moms The Opportunity To Stay Home With Their Kids

In November 2007 just before her new son was born, Tia Peterson, soon to be a new single mother, made the decision that she would stay home to raise her son. She began freelancing as a virtual assistant and has never looked back. Instead, she has moved on to form a virtual assistance firm called All American Admin as a means of providing income while saving on daycare expenses.

“Virtual assistance can provide single mothers the opportunity to take control of their careers and income while saving money on daycare expenses,” explained Tia, mother of nearly 6-month old baby boy, Aidan. “It seems that most stay at home moms are part of two-income families. It’s an option that a lot of single mothers don’t think they have.”

Tia notes that she can save over $200 per week by keeping Aidan out of full-time daycare while she works from home — the nearest daycare center charges $213 per week for full-time infant care.

In her virtual assistance practice, Tia manages multiple clients and a small team of other virtual assistants as well. While she has not completely replaced her previous annual salary as a lead business analyst in the software development industry, she earns enough to provide for herself and her son and still have money in the bank at the end of the month.

“My ultimate goal has always been to not only make this work for myself, but to create an avenue of income for other mothers in a similar situation. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and the skills you’ve accumulated over the years working out of the home.”

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