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Flower bouquets and balloon bouquets, its been done. You want to send an original gift, something that is personalized and clever, and how about sweet? Try impressing that special someone with a cookie bouquet or gift basket! Cookies by Design can personalize for any occasion with a name or special message and deliver it from a store in your neighborhood. You know kids love cookies, but so do Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents, Graduates and Friends. Try it! Express your sentiments and affections in a unique, colorful and edible fashion, it is surely a gift that will be remembered and appreciated.

Cookies are a classic product that capture love, friendship warmth and caring in a way that few products can. Gwen Willhite found a way to incorporate this idea with a personal touch and turned them into a delicious recipe for an enduring concept, the cookie bouquet. This clever business idea quickly moved her from her own kitchen to a location nearby in Tulsa, Oklahoma and when things really picked up Gwen moved her business to Dallas, Texas. Soon after this move, requests started pouring in from others wishing to start their own Cookie Bouquet franchise. Now celebrating 25 years in business, approximately 200 Cookies by Design franchises are operating across the United States. This business concept has stood the test of time and it is also a business that is responsive to marketing. Cookies by Design has a very bright future and they welcome you to explore being a part of it.

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