U-Turn Vending

A quarter doesn’t quite stretch as far as it used to, but in a vending machine kids can still enjoy getting little “treats” without breaking their parents bank. The owner of that same vending machine has just put themselves that much closer to a little more profit. U-Turn is a vending option that opens up the profitability for their venders by offering up machines that have more options than before.

Included with their business opportunity is their free training program which includes hotel, as well as air fare for the vender in Idaho Falls, ID. That is where you’d be getting all the coaching and instruction needed to get started in the vending business.

The franchise only takes a minimum investment of $5,000 and the vending machine is given a 5 year warranty. This business is something that can easily be run from the comfort of home, you’d only need to check your machines periodically to keep them filled and remove the money from them. This opportunity is available in all states.

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