Giveaway: Products For Parents On The Go

I recently did an interview with Sarah Ellis, the owner of The Pitter Patter Boutique, and she is offering up some of her products to be given away to our readers. There will be 4 winners, total. The giveaways will be starting now and ending on June 15th at 11:59pm. I will choose each winner on the 16th and they will be contacted by email. Make sure the email address you give is valid!

To be entered to win you have to leave a comment telling me why you would like the item as well as it’s giveaway number (#1, #2, etc.).

Giveaway #1

The first item is a pair of Rainbow Baby Legs from her baby legs collection. They are intended to go up the child’s legs to keep them warm. They’re also good for little ones learning to crawl so they won’t scuff up their knees. They are $12 at retail value, but the winner gets a pair like the one shown here for free.

Don’t forget to include the “#1” in your comment to be entered for this giveaway!

Giveaway #2

This item is a teething pendant with matching bangle, as shown. It looks good enough for mom to wear, while being safe enough for baby to chew. It helps eliminate any worries parents might have about their child chewing on their jewelry. It’s also a great item for a parent that is on the go. The retail value of this teething pendant/bangle set is $34.

To enter for a chance to win this item you remember to include “#2” in your comment.

Giveaway #3 & #4

These two are the same item, but are being given away in two different colors. These car seat strap covers are great for cushioning between the child’s shoulder and where the car seat strap goes over them. They are also machine washable.

For a chance to win the blue/green/white pair shown here include #3 in your comment. For the pink/white pair include #4 in your comment.

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