Hunting And Fishing Product Site Offers Equipment To Help Disabled Outdoorsmen

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A husband’s love of the outdoors and his wife’s passion for helping others is the recipe for an extraordinary Web site, which features adaptive hunting and fishing equipment for people with disabilities. “was fate,” said Renee Error, president of the company that she and her husband, Mike, launched recently. It’s also the couple’s first venture in e-commerce.
The inspiration for the company belongs to a 16-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy – the nephew of a friend of Mike Error, vice president of

“He would sit in his home at this huge picture window and watch the deer. And one of his wishes was to go deer hunting,” recalled Error. So Mike Error and his close friend, the teenager’s uncle, decided to take the youth hunting.

After struggling to get the teenager and his wheelchair to a suitable hunting site, they quickly discovered the youth had too little strength in his arms to hold a rifle.

“They tried several methods and none of them worked,” Renee Error explained. “And that’s what got us thinking.”

A search of the Internet revealed lots of small businesses, and some not so small, manufacturing adaptive gear – some of it better than others. But one thing missing altogether, she said, was a place to go “one-stop shopping.”

“After talking and thinking about this, we decided that this was a business perfect for us.” It fit well with her husband’s love of hunting and fishing, and the outdoors, she said. And for her, a stay-at-home Mom for many years, and an avid school and community volunteer, it was an ideal way of helping others.

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