PrintaCandle Personalization Business

People are always looking for special, unique gifts that they can give to their friends and family. Personalized items are extra special because they add that touch that many other gift items don’t have. The PrintaCandle system offers that with full-color text and imagines on candles. What says you care better than something that literally says the words, “I love you.”

Their are no special skills needed when running a PrintaCandle business. As long as the potential associate knows how to work a computer. The business can be started from home with no franchise fees and no franchise royalties. With a minimum investment of $4,000, some of the equipment included is a PrintaCandle printer with a built-in digital camera. The associate will also receive a 12-month warranty and tech support.

As a fun, easy to operate business, this is something that can be enjoyed while making money. It’s also flexible enough to help the associate get around all those interruptions that happen in life.

With 1000’s of special occasions, live events, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. Or even just a candle to remind someone that they’re still being thought of. With a very versatile personalized business, It’s easy to see why customers will be coming back for more.

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