Amazingly the people behind Boneheads were not businessmen, they were master chefs and people who just appreciated good food (and the happiness that come with it)! They asked themselves, “Why deep fry fish or chicken when you can enhance the natural flavor and keep it healthy by simply grilling it?” They also knew that they could create mouthwatering meals using succulent sauces like Piri Piri without charging more than ten bucks. The story goes, that businessmen called their idea “boneheaded” until they tasted these incredible fresh grilled chicken and fish dinners…then they said, “You guys should open a restaurant!” And so, they did.

Boneheads is looking for franchisees whose ambition verges on insanity. (According to their website) If you are the type of person who does not stop climbing while on an escalator, normal business hours do not apply to you, “good enough” simply isn’t good enough and your goals are constantly changing because you are always exceeding them, then a Boneheads franchise is the business for you!

Start a Boneheads evangelical revolution of healthier (and more delicious) fast food in your neighborhood. The team at Boneheads is committed to getting stuff done and they provide franchise partners with tools and support to make it happen. Go ahead, start your own Boneheads success story, the world is waiting!

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