Commonly known as the rich mans game, golf is a well known game that many people all ages and genders have enjoyed over the years. For a real lover of the sport, it can also be a lucrative business opportunity.

IntelliTurf is a franchising opportunity for those interested in starting a business which dedicates itself to the game that they love so much. They give someone the opportunity to design, build and construct putting greens and artificial turf within both golf and landscaping industries.

The idea of synthetic turf probably brings to mind those cheap door mats that imitate grass and give the obvious impression that it is in fact a plastic imitation. Thankfully that has changed since it first came out and it’s fast growing as an maintenance-free option for home owners and golf courses alike, opening up a business opportunity in this area.

A franchisee of IntelliTurf is able to operate a business using a proven business model. They also get:

  • Ongoing support through the life of the franchise.
  • Training which will give you all the information you need to create a successful business.
  • Pre-opening assistance which will make sure you will start off on the right foot with everything you need.

The minimum investment is $32,000 with the option to finance through a 3rd party. This opportunity is available throughout the US.

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