My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

In a day and age where childhood obesity is becoming a growing problem, keeping children active while they’re still having fun is becoming more important. My Gym is a franchise which makes it’s money by monopolizing on that idea.

At the My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, kids can get exercise while interacting with others. They welcome children between the ages of three to nine years old. As a business opportunity, this gives a franchisee the ability to give something to their community and a wide range of children in it something they can do for fun.

The franchisee is given a territory where they will market a variety of the My Gym areas. The main part of the business can actually be operated from home. This is a business that can even just simply bring in more jobs to your area if that is something you’re looking to do.

For the life of the franchise, assistance will be available. Whether it’s on-site visits or written materials. The franchisee will never have to feel alone.

The minimum investment for this franchise is approximately $107,875. Anyone in the US and in some other countries has this opportunity available to them. Anyone interested in opening a master franchise in select countries will be happy to know they also have some of those positions open as well.

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