Shine Mark Systems

A new way to polish up a little business is by using a unique form of advertising. Shine Mark Systems gives business areas the chance to offer a free shoe polish while that person vies a little advertising. The advertising is that earns the money, the shoe polishing draws the attention.

Their machines are advertised as being a good option in areas such as airports, hotels, offices, shopping malls and so on. Although the shoe shine is free, the advertising purchased that is views on the machine itself is the real bread winner.

Called The ShowShiner, this machine is attractive to anyone who might enjoy cleaning off their shoes a little. They also have a machine available that is called The Gold ShowShiner which puts together a full-color motion sign and 18 advertisements with a sole cleaning machine that will clean dirt, mud and grass of the soles of golf shoes.

This business opportunity takes a minimum investment of $8,000, and third-party financing is available. Anyone interested in keeping a home office would find benefit from this opportunity. Shine Mark Systems also offers training to help get you off on the right foot.

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