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No one particularly likes going to the doctor and getting lab tests done. Someone without insurance is even less likely to be able to afford those services. At Any Lab Test Now, a customer can come in and get whatever tests they think they may need and find out the results next day. No appointment needed, no doctor’s order to get the test done.

An owner of one of these franchises does not need to be a medical expert. It is a good option for someone who is interested in a business that can basically run itself. All it needs is 2 employees, one part-time and one full-time to keep running.

Some of the tests offered to customers include:

  • Male/Female Health tests that include cancer screenings, fertility, and etc.
  • Certified Paternity tests
  • Drug tests
  • STD

New franchisees will not be alone. From help deciding on site locations to business licensing, they will make sure that you will be ready to open shop as soon as possible. These opportunities are open to people in most states with a minimum investment of $85,000.

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