Coaching Business Grew Big By Catering To The Little Guys

Cincinnati Enquirer:

As a certified public accountant at Deloitte & Touche more than 20 years ago, Dan Murphy said he had great admiration for the small-business owners he counseled.

He saw that some business owners thrived, however, while others languished. He realized he could help those who struggled with day-to-day operations by helping them to understand some of the skills their successful peers were using.

Murphy‘s desire to help them better manage their businesses lit his entrepreneurial fire and sparked the launch of The Growth Coach, a company he founded in 1992 that has become one of the largest franchise coaching businesses in the country.

‘Small-business owners were always my heroes,’ he said. ‘But I heard time and time again from small-business owners, ‘I’m overworked and not having any fun.’ I wanted to help create a better life for them. I knew that many of them just lacked the training… to organize and run a business.’

Murphy said he saw too many business owners spending the majority of their time handling snafus, answering phones and taking care of everyday tasks their employees should be handling, essentially making them feel overwhelmed and unhappy.

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Photo: Gary Landers / The Enquirer.

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