Making Money in Second Life?

A reader asked:

I stumbled upon your webapge for business ops, looks like a great blog! I am wondering what are some suggestions or op for making money in Second Life?

First, I’d definitely recommend checking out The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse. In it, you’ll delve into the most popular Second Life business and get practical pointers from some of the metaverse’s best-known entrepreneurs.

On the Second Life website there’s a list of “in-world” businesses which Second Life residents are currently running:

  • party and wedding planner
  • pet manufacturer
  • tattooist
  • nightclub owner
  • automotive manufacturer
  • fashion designer
  • aerospace engineer
  • custom avatar designer
  • jewelry maker
  • architect
  • XML coder
  • freelance scripter
  • game developer
  • fine artist
  • machinima set designer
  • tour guide
  • dancer
  • musician
  • custom animation creator
  • theme park developer
  • real estate speculator
  • vacation resort owner
  • advertiser
  • bodyguard
  • magazine
  • publisher
  • private detective
  • writer
  • gamer
  • landscaper
  • publicist
  • special effects designer
  • gunsmith
  • hug maker

Anyone else have any ideas?

Photo by tifotter.

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