Students Create Tutoring Service


Students struggling with algebra, chemistry and other subjects now have a new resource at their disposal.

Matt Fouts, 20, a Terre Haute native and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology junior, has started a tutoring business called Rose-Learning. The Web site, with contact information, is at The business entrepreneur has three other Rose-Hulman students tutoring with him: Jon Krotz, Stutay Monga and Jama Johnson.

Fouts, who has worked with Rose-Hulman’s Homework Hotline in the past, became aware that some students need more personal, one-on-one assistance. “I saw that the kids sometimes didn’t understand,” he said.

By offering the one-on-one service, the tutors can better explain concepts and show students how to answer a question or solve a problem. The cost is $25 per hour, and Fouts believes that initially tutoring would be offered once a week for its clients. The sessions will be offered at a downtown public facility.

Image via Netsuite Tutoring

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