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The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2006:

Employed persons worked 7.6 hours on average on the days that they worked. They worked longer on weekdays than on weekend days – 8.0 vs. 5.4 hours.

On the days that they worked, employed men worked about an hour more than employed women. This difference partly reflects women’s greater likelihood of working part time. However, even among full-time workers (those usually working 35 hours or more per week) men worked slightly longer than women – 8.4 vs. 7.7 hours.

Many more people worked on weekdays than on weekend days: 84 percent of employed persons worked on an average weekday, compared with 35 percent on an average weekend day.

On the days that they worked, 21 percent of employed persons did some or all of their work at home and 86 percent did some or all of their work at their workplace. Hours worked at home averaged 2.6 hours per day while hours worked at a workplace averaged 7.9 hours per day. Men and women were about equally likely to do some or all of their work at home.

Multiple jobholders were about twice as likely to work on an average weekend day as were single jobholders – 59 vs. 32 percent. Multiple jobholders also were much more likely to work at home than were single jobholders – 39 vs. 19 percent.

Self-employed workers were more likely to work on an average weekend day (49 percent) than were wage and salary workers (31 percent). Self-employed workers also were more likely than wage and salary workers to have done some work at home – 56 vs. 17 percent.

Read the full report and view all of the data tables by clicking here.

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Originally posted by Rich Whittle on June 20, 2008 in Ideas.


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