Suzi Gives New Meaning To Homemaker

Not everyone can be a Suzi Homemaker. Well of course, except for Suzi herself. A mom-owned embroidery and sewing business, she specializes in personalized things for babies and children. Including the cute aprons shown on the two children here.

Embroidery had already been something she’d done for many years. After she had her 3rd child she went ahead and bought a commercial embroidery machine and took her business right up to the next level. With the growth of her business, and growth in business, Suzi has since created a successful business from her own home. With the added benefit of enjoying what she does.

If you’re looking for something that you can’t find on her website, all you have to do is drop her an email and chances are she can create it for you. After all, her business is personalization.

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