This Gecko Sells Candles

Although the word ‘gecko’ is in the name of this business, she is not selling insurance. Actually this mom runs an online candle business called, The Blue Gecko Candle Company.

There are candles, then there are candles that make you want to eat them. The candles that come from this business leans towards the latter of that description. If you’re looking to celebrate the 4th of July using scents, then you’d probably enjoy the All-American apple pie wax tarts. While everyone is enjoying the fireworks, you can enjoy the fresh smell of an apple pie candle. Something any candle fanatic could enjoy.

The products this mom offers doesn’t stop at tarts or candles. Shopping at her website you can also find air fresheners and soaps.

What I love about this business is the fact that it’s not another candle re-seller. This is a true business that makes their products, they set themselves apart from their competition. Whether it’s the handmade quality of the products, or the passion that goes into making and selling them.

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