Designing A Dream Home Office

As more and more Americans work from home – be it running a business or telecommuting for a job – the home office, which was once relegated to a small corner in a kitchen or perhaps a dank basement, is finally receiving some well-deserved attention.

This week, we’ll take a look at how four crafty business owners are taking their work home:

Liz Lyons Friedman — Self-employed printmaker in Aptos, Calif.

Before moving to her current home office in 2001, which now occupies a former 10-by-25 boathouse, printmaker Liz Lyons Friedman used just about every room of her home for different artistic activities. She would carve in one room, then head to the garage to work with inks in a well-ventilated area. At the end of the process, she’d mat and frame the finished product in yet another room.

However, seeing the utility of keeping everything in one place away from the main house, Friedman put her artistic acumen to work renovating an old boathouse a five-minute drive away. The whole project, which cost less than $10,000 and took about three months to complete, consisted of installing electricity, sheetrock, a subfloor and carpeting, not to mention French doors and 16 feet of windows that face the Monterey Bay.

While Friedman’s studio can now house each of her artistic tasks and function as a gallery, “what’s really nice about this space is I’m away from my house,” she says. “I am away from the distractions.”

Tomorrow: Amy Bloom’s Dream Office

Photo by William Wright.

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