Great Harvest Bread

Fast Casual:

The franchising concept seems straightforward — executives in home offices know from experience what works, and franchisees carry out those strategies in their own stores. But Great Harvest Bread, an emerging brand in the bakery-café segment, does things differently.

Rejecting the idea of cookie-cutter franchises is one reason the brand enjoys so much success, said Debbie Huber, director of development for Great Harvest.

“The key is being allowed to put your own personal spin on it,” Huber said. “The franchise behind them has the systems, has the tools and practices, but they can tweak it in their market and make it very authentic – they can have the best of both worlds.”

Great Harvest’s distinctive franchising strategy means each store has its own unique daily menu, even recipes and ingredients specific to that individual location.

Franchisees have freedom and are encouraged to try new things and use what works for their individual market. Many times, different franchises share ideas through Great Harvest’s learning network, which includes “The Breadboard,” an online resource for franchisees to communicate with each other. Read more.

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