Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Kennelwood Pet Resorts have been in business 34 years, have developed system upon system that taps into add-on revenue streams. They have in many cases developed the service, tested the products, worked with manufacturers and have a tried and true model. This is their business, this is their category, this is what they do, this is what they developed…

Their mission
* Enrich and improve the lives of pets
* Educate and share their expert pet knowledge
* Encourage and promote community improvement

Because pets deserve vacations too
Kennelwood Pet Resorts provides pets a safe and healthy vacation, but with lots of fun and attention, too. Kennelwood Pet Resorts are full-service facilities offering a wide variety of guest services, including all-suite pet accommodations, award-winning grooming, personalized play time, doggie day camp, and professional training. All Kennelwood Pet Resorts offer pets and their parents a variety of destination choices and accommodations for cats and dogs, constant monitoring of safety and cleanliness.

More than just luxury pet accommodationscheck it out!

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