Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices

Some of the best places to make money is at events such as fairs or flea markets. Especially if you are offering a product that people will want. Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices is not a franchise. It’s a business opportunity for someone interested in running their business from a push cart at large events.

The cart is easy to transport to events, it is small enough to fit in most mini vans and SUVs – just the right size for your needs. It does not require electricity, either. It is a dry ice insulated cart so the italian ice inside stays frozen all day without being limited to where you can move your cart to. Set up only takes 5 minutes, leaving you with nearly no downtime.

Whether you’re interested in a full time business or something that can work part-time, Little Jimmy’s gives you that. It takes a minimum investment of $6,500 and they will provide all the training you need to get your business started.

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