Invention Helps Golfers Stay Cool

Sue Townsend has enjoyed golf as a hobby most of her life. In 2001, while playing on a humid summer day in South Florida, she came up with an innovative way to stay clean and dry while on the course.

She invented the Nif Tee Seat golf cart seat cover that attaches to all makes of golf cart seat handles. She patented the cover, which fits all standard golf carts, in 2001.

“Women wear shorter clothing on the golf course. I didn’t want to experience the sweaty, disgusting feel of sitting on golf cart seat vinyl,” she said of why she developed the product.

The Boca Raton resident took her Nif Tee Seat to the PGA Merchandise Show in 2003. Now she produces golf cart seat covers for buyers in the U.S. and Canada and golf cart seat covers embroidered with sponsor logos for tournaments around North America. Townsend said she sells about 150 covers per tournament.

Photo by Nif Tee Seat.

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