Success In The Baby Business: Bediboo

Starting a business is not the easiest venture to take. Especially if you’re looking to open up in the baby product business. There are a variety of these kind of mom boutiques online, but the most successful ones always have something a little different from the rest.

At first glance you might think Bediboo is much like other baby shops online. It’s not though. A closer look will tell you that they are offering stylish products that the new hip mom would appreciate, as well as the ability to shop all in one location. If you’re in the mood to go offline, she also has a shop that can be found in Baltimore, MD.

It’s always great to see the success that a mom can reach with a little inspiration and much determination. A trait that can be found within Gretchen, as you can see from the interview below:

What is Bediboo?

Bediboo is a name my husband made up. One of my inspirations to start this company was all of the gorgeous designer fabrics that are on the market. I wanted to make baby bedding. However, whenever I sat down to sew anything I felt like I was neglecting my family. Plus, we were co-sleepers. So, I liked the name and it stuck, even though the original concept did not.

What brands are available from your website?

We sell Ergo Baby Carriers, Hotslings, Haba Toys, Melissa & Doug, Little Lubbaloo, Zutano, and our own house brand Emmaline Pea, as well as many more.

How many total products do you offer?


What sets you apart from other mom-owned e-stores?

We usually have a few products that no one else carries, since we often work with small companies that are just getting started but offer amazing products.

What inspired you to start your business?

A love of baby gear, shopping, and beautiful fabric.

How long has it been since you launched?

2 years.

What kind of business plan did you have before you got started and how has it changed?

We never planned on going brick and mortar, but, once the opportunity presented itself, we haven’t looked back. I love having face to face interactions with my customers and bringing a cool product and service to Baltimore City.

Have you learned anything that you wish you’d known before you got started?

I think I would have taken things more seriously and written a solid business plan.

Do your children help out at all?

Yes and no! They are small, so they need a lot of…everything! My 4 year old is excellent at marketing though. She tells everyone about our store. If we are out, she will ask me for a card and go up to moms with babies and let them know about us.

How have you been able to manage your time for business and time with your family?

Yes. Now that we are brick and mortar and I can “justify” a babysitter, I can. Before when it was just me at home with the kids and trying to work it was too stressful! Every time I sat at the computer they wanted my full attention. I couldn’t focus on anything. Now my day is more compartmentalized. I think I have the best of both worlds.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other mom’s who would like to start their own business?

If you are looking for a paycheck, starting your own business is not necessarily the way to go since it can take years to grow a business to where you really see a profit. But, if you have a passion for something and you believe you have unique products or ideas, then go for it! I would also consider how over-saturated the baby and kid market is online and try to buy an existing business before going out on your own. If you have a product you make, you can do very well on Etsy with out the hassles of building your own website.

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