Do You Have The Courage To Be Extraordinary?

At a recent networking meeting, I had the opportunity to hear Pernille Spiers-Lopez speak.

Danish born, Pernille immigrated to the United States about 26 years ago as a young woman. After a few jobs that didn’t pan out for her, she found herself working in the Marketplace at Ikea, an international home furnishings retail chain originating from Sweden. Rising quickly through the company, Pernille was vaulted to become President of Ikea North America in 1997.

Here are the keys to success she spoke about:

1. Know your values

2. Grow yourself as a person

3. Be courageous

4. Surround yourself with good people

5. Embrace innovation and change.

6. Be passionate.

7. Take a stand for what you believe in no matter if it’s an unpopular position or meets resistance.

8. Set personal and business boundaries.

Photo by pinkmagazine.

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