Energy Automation Systems Inc.

It may not be as EASI as it seems, but Energy Automation Systems Inc. might make it feel that way for their customers. This business offers a service which helps their clients make changes that will visibly lower their electric bills. They have been offering these services since 1978.

An EASI Affiliate Dealer can get their chance in the business using their available affiliate opportunities. They will be given a variety of services and products to offer customers that have been developed and delivered since the beginning.

Each consultant is trained for the work they will be doing. By the time they are done with training they should know how to gather and analyze all the factual, testing and historical data needed to evaluate and find ways to help clients maximize their electrical efficiency. There is no inventory needed and it’s a home based business with you working the hours you are available.

This opportunity is available internationally including the US and Canada. The minimum investment is $45,000.

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