TSS Photography

Launched in 1983 as The Sports Section, Inc.; TSS Photography got their start in the sports photography business, founded by Carl Hansson and Dan Burgner. It wasn’t until ’84 that they started franchising. Since then they have brought on over 200 franchisees in 45 states as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It was in 2005 that they changed their name, showing their expansion from just sports photography into school and other forms of group photography.

They have 4 available franchising options which are:

Plan 1 – Population up to 400,000 – $56,000

Plan 2 – Population up to 300,000 – $48,000

Plan 3 – Population up to 200,000 – $39,000

Plan 4 – Population up to 100,000 – $35,000

Each plan includes a photo equipment package and a business computer package. Plan 1 and 2 are full time launches and additional training in in-field photography, sales and business development areas. Plan 3 and 4 are both part time launches that are made for smaller communities.

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