Mom Commits To Baby Sleep Safety

Many parents all have the same crib-related fears when their children are babies. Whether it’s the unpredictable reality of SIDS, blanket suffocation or other potential injuries that can be incurred. SleepaRoo takes those worries head on with a new, secure sleep system.

The system is an easy one to use. From the support used to hold the baby on their back while they sleep, to the secured blanket which will not get kicked over the face while laying down. Only a product like this could be from someone who knows from experience how important baby sleep safety is; a parent.

Stacey Battersby, a mom and the creator of SleepaRoo, has been able to get her product placed in a variety of Ontario stores including, Baby World’s, Dear Born Baby, In The Pouch, and many more which can be found listed on her website.

What is the SleepaRoo?

SleepaRoo is an innovative design in infant crib bedding. It allows parents to follow many of the Canadian Health Recommendations to safely putting their infant (0-12 months) to bed.

What are some of the safety benefits?

SleepaRoo comes complete with a fitted sheet, a built in sleep support and a blanket. After placing the infant in their back to sleep, the built in sleep support allows the infant to remain on their back to sleep and in the middle of the crib. This prevents the infant from rolling into the crib rails and getting their arms and leg caught.

SleepaRoo allow has a built in blanket that is attached to the fitted sheet with a zipper at the foot of the crib. This allows the infant to remain warm and covered, without being able to pull the blanket up and over their face.

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