Biz Resource: Public Library Card

Small Business Idea:

Entrepreneurs have an insatiable thirst for novelty and information.

Quench this thirst with a library card instead of your wallet. You can still buy items for your personal library later on (items you’ve checked out of the library 3 times), but 90% of the stuff you buy or think you want you’ll never end up reading/watching /using again.

Educating yourself doesn’t have to make you poor.

Also, most libraries have “inter-library loans”, so that even the smallest suburban branches have access to any book.

Fulfill your need for information, advice, and how-to on the public’s tab. Reserve best-sellers or TV series online. Libraries have almost everything you can imagine.

Editor’s note: Using the public library can also save you about $200 a month!

Photo by Lansing Public Library.

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