Never Too Late to be an Entrepreneur


Karen Rosick calls her mother-in-law an “extraordinary woman,” and why shouldn’t she?

At 80 years old, Rose Rosick isn’t spending her retirement traveling the world or playing golf. Instead, the bright-eyed lady with alabaster locks is running her own business – one that requires her to be comfortable not only with computers, but machines run by computers. About five years ago, Rose Rosick opened Needles & Thread Creations in her Kingsbury home. The custom embroidery business did so well that she enlarged her house.

She admitted that people sometimes express doubt in her abilities because of her age.

Rosick has never let that stop her, though.

“Just hearing people say I couldn’t do it made me want to do it,” she said, grinning. “I’m slower at computers, but I’m determined. “It’s a challenge, but I figure it out.” Rosick’s understanding of her trade and its technology leave many in awe of her.

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