Charming Children With Reading About Me

Children love things that spotlight themselves, that’s a big part of the charm when it comes to personalized items. Reading About Me takes that to a whole new level with a variety of personalized books and CD’s that feature their favorite characters.

If your little girl has a thing for ballerina princesses or your little boy loves Veggie Tales, these fun selections can be personalized for your child’s enjoyment. These books will become something that they’ll want to read over and over again.

Lisa Lange, a single mom of 4, has done amazing things with her business. Having only opened just under a year ago, Reading About Me has grown in selection and the customers continue to come back for more.

What is Reading About Me?

Reading About Me is an organization that manufactures personalized children books, music CDs and much more.

What kinds of products do you have to offer, how many?

I offer nearly 30 titles of personalized books, 25 different personalized music CDs, 5 different personalized name poems, and 6 different personalized storybook CDs.

What’s your top selling product?

My top selling products are the Veggie Tales personalized music CDs.

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