Charming Children With Reading About Me

Children love things that spotlight themselves, that’s a big part of the charm when it comes to personalized items. Reading About Me takes that to a whole new level with a variety of personalized books and CD’s that feature their favorite characters.

If your little girl has a thing for ballerina princesses or your little boy loves Veggie Tales, these fun selections can be personalized for your child’s enjoyment. Their books will become something that they’ll want to read over and over again.

Lisa Lange, a single mom of 4, has done amazing things with her business. Having only opened just under a year ago, Reading About Me has grown in selection and the customers continue to come back for more.

What is Reading About Me?

Reading About Me is an organization that manufactures personalized children books, music CDs and much more.

What kinds of products do you have to offer, how many?

I offer nearly 30 titles of personalized books, 25 different personalized music CDs, 5 different personalized name poems, and 6 different personalized storybook CDs.

What’s your top selling product?

My top selling products are the Veggie Tales personalized music CDs.

When did you launch your business?

I launched my business in August, 2007

What was your inspiration?

I spent many years in the corporate world as an accountant, struggling between the responsibilities of career and family. As a single parent of four beautiful children, I took a leap of faith, left the corporate world and began my business from home. Now, I am here and available every time my children need me.

What kind of feedback have you seen from customers?

My customers have been absolutely wonderful! I receive so many emails from parents who are ecstatic that they can finally get their child to read! The children love to see their own name in the book, and read them over and over again!

Did you have any experience that you were able to apply when you got started or now?

Since I am an Accountant, I save a lot of time and money by doing my own bookkeeping. Also, my organizational and planning skills that I have learned in the workplace serve me well!

What have you learned since you launched that you wish you’d known before you got started?

I have learned that I need to be a little more picky about where I advertise. I have been talked into several “opportunities” that sounded good then, but looking back I feel like I could have made better choices.

What steps were required to get where you are today?

So much has changed within the last year, since my business has launched. I created the business from nothing, so I did have to do all the licensing through the state as well as through the individual manufacturers. Over the last year I have had to change some priorities and keep charging ahead no matter what.

How do your children get involved?

My children do several things with my business: shipping, labeling, organizing, charging credit cards and a small part of production.

How do you manage your time between working on Reading About Me and your family?

During the summer months, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays belong to my children. We have activities such as bowling, art club, baseball, ice skating and whatever else comes along. This leaves the business to be done on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So far, just a few hitches.

Do you have one piece of advice that you’d like to share with others that you have found to be the biggest benefit for you?

Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe that you CAN’T do it. There will be roadblocks. I view them all as opportunities in disguise.

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