Tweens Make Their Own Clothes


Fashionology LA is a brand-new Beverly Hills store that lets young fashionistas design and make their own clothes.

Girls begin the design process as soon as they step into the store, which features an array of dazzling designs on the walls for inspiration.

Using touch-screen Design Pads, they begin by selecting what type of garment they’d like to create, choosing from an assortment of tops, bottoms and dresses. From there they select a fashion “mood” onscreen–themes include Juku, Pop, Rock, Malibu and Peace, all of which include a colourful array of graphic images.

They then pick embellishments for their garments, choosing from options including Sew It, Clip It, Bling It and Pin It. Once a girl completes her design, she proceeds to the U-Bar, where a friendly Fashionologist uses a heat press to add the key design element to her new look and gives her a tray of embellishments to take to the customized Make It table.

The girl settles in to sew, bling, pin and clip, and when her garment is ready to wear, she steps in front of the camera to proudly display her creation. With her approval, the picture and her unique design will beam through the store on a 70-inch LCD screen and simultaneously be emailed to her so she can share her new look with her friends.

Costs for the experience reportedly range between USD 20 and USD 90, depending on how elaborate the design is. Fashionology says it hopes to expand its brand nationwide by 2012.

Photo by Fashionology LA.

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