Bug! Realty

As a franchise, Bug Realty is not the average real estate company. Where as they break away from the traditional aspects of being a Realtor and take on a new approach that is not only fun for the agents, but helps bring in those looking to buy and sell their homes.

Whether it’s the Bug! clothing or the car, it is meant to draw attention. People will know right away that you are not just another suited business person. The added benefit of reasonable fees will easily help close the deal.

If you’re someone who has the people skills, sales talent as well as energy and outgoing personality needed to be successful in this business, then you might find this to be an opportunity to take a look out.

The business was established in 2004, but they didn’t start franchising until 2006. There are currently 5 franchises with 1 company owned business. Although the start-up cost is up to $20,000, the total investment can be as much as $78,217.

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