LeGourmet Gift Baskets

Originally started as a home-based business by Cynthia McKay, Le Gourmet Gift Basket has grown within the US as well as internationally. If you were to visit their corporate headquarters, you’d probably be very shocked. It is not the office building that you would imagine. It’s more like a home where you could feel welcome and relaxed.

No matter what the economy looks like, people are always interested sharing gifts with there loved ones, and there will always be events to look forward to. Those are the moments that people look towards gift baskets and why it is such a good business to be in. Organizing a beautiful gift basket is an art. Le Gourmet gives you the opportunity to start your own business in an industry that you will enjoy.

Anyone interested in their opportunity has the benefit of only having to pay a one time fee. Unlike some of the other opportunities on the market, this one does not include any royalty or referral fees. You will, however, receive everything you’ll need to get started including:

  • A manual to help you get started
  • Support is available through a special phone number or by email 7 days a week
  • A list of wholesalers that will ship your order, at their cost, with no minimum order requirements
  • Your own personalized brochures
  • all the order forms, stationery formats, gift card formats and more that you could need!

There are 4 levels of membership into their opportunity. It starts with their Silver Membership which costs $3500, Gold Membership at $5500, Platinum Membership $8500 and the PlatinumElite Membership at $22,000.

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