Bringing An Idea To The Masses

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Few individuals have a moment of clarity when they give birth to an idea for a product or service, and even fewer take that idea and make it happen.

Taking an idea to market is a long process, but in the end it’s worth it, inventor Mark Saroka said.

“It’s extremely exciting starting to see consumer demand for a product we dreamed up, created and are now marketing,” he said.

Saroka and his brother, Kevin Saroka, created an adjustable mirror — CargoView Mirror — that attaches to a vehicle’s exterior via a powerful magnet.

The device allows a driver to keep an eye on cargo placed on the car’s roof.

The mirror also can be used to eliminate a vehicle’s blind spot or can be used inside, attached to the dash with Velcro, to watch children in the back seat.

Mark Levy, a Binghamton lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law, suggested inventors take these steps when considering the need for a patent:

* Write down the idea, preferably with ink, and sign and date the document.

* Have one or two witnesses sign and date the item.

* Add drawings of the invention, if possible.

* Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site or Google’s patent database for similar inventions.

“You’re searching for anything that is close to your invention,” Levy said.

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